The #1 Education To Become An Online Health & Fitness Entrepreneur

Have you ever thought of starting an online career in the health & fitness industry?

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to work from anywhere and have an income that is totally independent on where you are?

Many have that dream and have also tried but did not have the right plan and knowledge on how to set it up to become successful. In our program you will get the right skills and knowledge and we will have you up and running in six weeks, and launching your first program in 12 weeks with no prior skills or experience.

If you are already in business and have the professional skills (for example in nutrition, exercise, etc), then you can take part of the course that focus only on the business aspect of it, like building your perfect promotion plan, digital marketing plan, social media, digital tools, how to set and reach your business goals and finding your personal entrepreneurial path for the most flow.

"We are making this world a healthier place, coach by coach"

Do you have ideas for an health & fitness online course?
Do like our colleagues below. Host and run your own course with us!

Isabell & Sophie


These fantastic ladies are creating a self empowering course for women.  A 21 days guide for life. How you within 21 days can turn your life around with the help of mindset, goals, healthy recipes and great support.

Jonas Hansson


A semi personal training set up where the clients can choose to work with Jonas transformational programs from home or come to his classes. He offers full solutions from 8 weeks up to a years

Carina Hammarstrand


Carina is a physiotherapist that offers clients a online school of how to decrease the problems with arthritis.
Since she has 30+ years experience as a physiotherapist and have specialized in arthritis, Carina is highly renowned in this area

Our certification programs
1. For people who would like to become online health & fitness coaches
2. For people who already are health & fitness professionals but want to learn how to work professionally and profitably online


12 weeks to become an online health & fitness entrepreneur

The course have live classes every week and assessments that is your “homework”.

In this a proven recipe for:

  • Define your vision - with the guided help of us.
  • Find your personal profile of entrepreneurship to find your best flow.
  • Build your foundation with the help of our done-it-for-you template.
  • Start building your business while you learn.
  • Implement your learnings, get certified and explode.


12 veckor för att bli en hälso-
och fitnessentreprenör online

Kursen har livelektioner varje vecka och hemuppgifter som är din "läxa".  I detta ett beprövat recept inom:

  • Definiera din vision - med guidad hjälp av oss.
  • Få fram din personliga profil för entreprenörskap för att hitta ditt bästa "flow" i ditt företagande.
  • Bygg din grund med hjälp av vår färdiga mall till dig. 
  • Börja bygga ditt företag medan du lär dig.
  • Implementera dina lärdomar, bli certifierad och explodera ditt företagande

8 weeks to get you set up as a certified online health entrepreneur (COMMING SOON)

You are already a certified professional but want to build an online business

In this course you will learn all the essentials to build a successful online business within your niche

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I have worked with Ronny for several years and he has helped me to build an extra business both off and online, which is very helpful for me!



I have created a very successful personal training business with the help of the strategies and coaching of Ronny



For the past 6 years we have done a lot of work together and Ronny is the to-go-to guy when it comes to performance