Specially designed for people who want to become online health coaches   

How you, without any prior knowledge or experience, can create an online health business in 12 weeks using our system?

Are you considering starting your own online health business, but don´t have the knowledge or experience? Are you already in the health/fitness/sports profession or are you just tired of your current job, and always dreamed of working with health and fitness and especially online? Then you should book a call with us! 

This is not..

  • A Sales training course like you see everybody is offering now
  • A social media marketing course that many think is the “magic bullet”

It is a proven recipe for:

  • How to find your personal way of working
  • How to set and reach specific goals
  • How to build a taylor made promotion plan
  • How to launch and grow a business rapidly

This one idea change my life forever. The second idea took it to the next level!

My decission 2001 created my first freedom and I could finally work in a smart way from home not selling my time hour by hour.

But 2017 I realised that the same model did not create the same freedom anymore. That´s why I shifted 360 degrees and now use an online model which gives you the right tools and knowledge to create a business that fits into the new era we are entering

As a newly graduate I was truly happy that I had chosen my hobby and passion as my profession. I loved the feeling of never having the feeling of going to work. Everything felt just like I was still doing my hobby (atheltics). But a few years down the road I was getting super frustrated. I loved what I was doing but I had no free time for family or friends. I was always working and always away. When I stopped selling my time as an expert and instead created a way to leverage my time, I could finally still do what I loved and also have time over. I finally had my freedom. 

“I'd rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort.”

- J. Paul Getty

My second idea came in 2017. I did have my freedom of time thanks to the leverage but I did not have the freedom geographically. I was still stuck in my office and stuck with going to physical meetings and locations.

I realized how slowly but surely everything was moving online. But when I talked to colleagues they said it would never work in our profession as health/fitness/sports professionals. The funny thing is that, it was the same response I got when I started to educate and certify personal trainers in the mid 90's. Basically everyone said that it was not going to work. It was only going to be a big thing with celebrities and super rich people. Now how wrong were they?

In the beginning of building the business online I was overwhelmed with how much work it was and how much money I had to spend on it. Basically, I was in front of the computer day and night for the first year. But the big ketchup effect came and we exploded! With a new success comes success problems. All the rookie mistakes showed up and we were back 24/7 in front of the computer.

Now, we have been helping people get started in the online health/fitness/sport entrepreneur since 2018 and it feels really good. They do not have to go through our challenges and spend all that money.

We have educated more than 120 clients and helped them build a solid online business! They all now have the option to either work 100% online or split it with their local business. We have provided them with all the knowledge and tools they need to succeed online

With our course and support you will build a solid highly functional online business. We will guide and support you. You can choose a specific niche of your choice or we will help you. You get the tools, the training and and a plan to follow and you will choose in what tempo you would like to work


Our system will help you create and develop, not only your online business, but also get you to set solid goals and learn how to reach them, find your personal style as an entrepreneur through a powerful tool and you will also get an option to partner with us when you are done with the course and become certified as an  DIGITAL HEALTH PRENEUR

What it really is?

The 12 week certification program (where you launch your online business after 6 weeks) will give you all the advantages and knowledge you can wish for. Most health and fitness professionals have no training in how to work online, and not many educational program offer this specifically for the online space

What Is Included?

Personal Coaching

I will personally coach you and help you tailor the knowledge to fit your niche. You will have both recorded lessons and live sessions.

Powerful Tools

 You will get 1 year of gold membership with Goalmapping   and the Assessement of Wealth Dynamics plus a debrief which both will help you set and reach your goals using your tailor-made entrpreneurial style that we will create 

12 week launching Plan

12 week launching template You will get a promoplan template designed for our industry. After youhave created your promoplan we will measure and adjust everything you do. 

Our 5 Step Process


Define Your Vision

By working on and fine tuning your future vision we will make sure your time and effort is aimed at your personal vision. From that vision you will then create the Goal Map that will help your reach your goals much faster.


Find Out Your Personal Profile

With theWealth Dynamics Profile you will understand how your personal style as an entrepreneur will make you a much better business developer and make you understand what you should focus on, what you should avoid doing and what kind of people you need in your team


Build Your Foundation From The Template We Create For You

To get a clear picture of your plan we will create a template for you that will be your roadmap


Start Building Your Business While Learning

We believe in massive action! While you keep learning and building your business, we will assist you in getting started already in week 6! In this way, we can coach you and assist you in what to do and how to get your business up and running.


Implement All Your Learning From Being Certified and Explode! 🚀

When we are getting toward the finish line, you will now have all the tools and knowledge to implement all your learnings and explode your business.

Let us check if it is for you.

Our Digital Healthpreneur program is specifically designed for all confused and frustrated people

  • Who struggle to get started.
  • Who wants to leave the rat race.
  • Who don't have the skills or money to do it on your own.
  • Who would like a proven step by step system to follow.
  • Who don´t want to risk your money.
  • Who don´t know how to build huge following.
  • Who doesn't have prior education or knowledge in this field. 
  • Who don´t want to waste time.


If you feel like you want to build up an online career on the side, or full time, then we have the solution for you USE OUR ONLINE CERTIFICATION COURSE TO BE UP AND RUNNING IN 6-8 WEEKS!

Certified Digital Healthpreneur

  • Support  for 90 days (€2700)
  • Assessments (€97) 
  • Golmapping (€100) 
  • Promoplan for our industry (€290) 
  • Certification (€300) 
  • Full year monthly support after you are certified (€490) 
  • Become a partner (€990)

Total value: €4967

One Time Payment

1990 €

Billed once and that's it!

Three Payments

730 €

Billed monthly for three months

Have Questions? Still Confused?

Book a free call with us to find out how the program helps you in becoming
an independent Digital Healthpreneur and do what you love for a living.

Take Their Word For It

 "I found this course through a friend. I am blown away how much I have learned over the 12 weeks! This is not a theoretical static course. This is the real deal! You apply in real life what you learn in theory. I started working on my business already after 6 weeks."

Sara Johnson
Founder, CTO Health

"I thought I was gonna learn basically only about health. But in this course you will learn all you need to know how to DO your business. That is the biggest difference compare to other companies."

Margeret Doe
Freelance health coach online

"For me it was such a release to understand that we all have different styles of being entrepreneurs. When I identified my personal style, and implemented that, I directly found my flow in my business."

Zoe James
Personal trainer and online health coach

Our 5 step plan

Step 1.

Define Your

Step 2.

Find Out Your Personal Profile

Step 3.

Build Your

Step 4.

Start Building Your Business

Step 5.


Step 6.

Implement All Your Learning

Ronny Kvist

  • Exercise Physiologist
  • 31years and Fitness and Sport Professional Coach
  • Certified Personal Trainers, Nutritionist for 15 Years
  • Educator for the Swedish Tennis Association
  • Coach for the Swedish National Team in Track & Field
  • Personal Trainer for Top Level Athletes
  • Author of the Book "Health in a Nutshell" (Swedish)
  • 21 Years and a Coach in a Nutrition Company
  • 6 Years as a Online Coach
  • Business Developer With 7 Startups Companies
  • Awarded Public Speaker (Biggest Crowd of 13000)
  • Corporate Peak Performance Coach for 15 Years
  • 25 Years of Volunteer Coaching of Children